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Cleaning up the town!

Recently kids have worked so hard on making our schoolyard clean, tidy and rubbish free that our grounds and learning areas are looking great!

We have Bourchier Street looking so clean that we have had a few classes deciding to look further than just our own school. Mr O took his class and some Year sixes to a section of the river that we are in charge of looking after. That’s right, we have our own piece of the Goulburn River! The River is such an important part of our community and ear in 2018 we have already made a start on protecting this important part of nature.
SJS and SBF also got involved in cleaning up a very messy section of Hawkins Street (Near the McDonalds) The McDonalds got behind the project by providing the kids with some tasty treats.

Last Week’s Assembly Awards

Last week group A went to assembly. JCK did the performance for assembly t was entertaining! The positive person award went to Nadia. She got the award because she was being responsible and listening class. She was very happy and proud of herself. SMM won the P.E award,SDB won the Creative arts award and JJS won the ART award! It was amazing!

What a Video!

Last term some people with fancy camera’s visited our school. A lot of us didn’t even know but they were making a video. It went up on our school website this week. Check it out…

Sports Report

On the weekend Bourchier Eagles vs Mooroopna cats, the Eagles won by two goals and five points a lot of great players played.

Dion,George, Tyler, Dylan,Josh were the best on the field and they were nice and worm in side when it stated to pore downe ruin.

With the soccer boys the had a really great game they won 4 goals the score was eight to four.


Hello everyone!

We are the Bourchier Street News team and we are here to tell you about the Bourchier News blog. On this site  we will add interesting news stories that are happening at our school. Also, we will be adding a  radio show that you can listen to online. Every week we alternate jobs so everyone gets a go at everything. We will be putting up interesting news about our school. 

Please comment and follow this Blog!


K-Kids in action!

Our K Kids Leaders read to lead the K Kids group. They will be doing lots of great work around our community this year!

The first event is an Easter Egg hunt with grade 6 and prep buddy classes.k-kIDS

Improving performance with food

Improving performance with food

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4298035 Bourchier Street Primary School is a growing and dynamic community  with both a proud history and an exciting future. Long recognised as a  leading school within the Shepparton District, Bourchier Street has  built a strong community reputation based on outstanding records of  academic, musical and sporting achievements, a caring staff and school  environment, and our ability to deliver high quality programs for all students. We pride ourselves on providing values that permeate across our school and are reflected in the manner in which we treat each other with care and respect.A diverse range of programs are conducted in our school that support the continuous development of each child in our care. With specialist teachers in areas such as Art, Physical Education, ESL, Science and Creative Arts, our school is able to provide your child with specialised expertise in a wide variety of fields. Children at Bourchier Street Primary School, enjoy high levels of community interaction, state-of-the-art learning technologies programs, opportunities to learn a wide variety of musical instruments, and involvement in extensive sporting and camping programs, including tours of our sister school in Japan. With a reputation as a leading school in the implementation of the thinking curriculum and the use of student centred learning, Bourchier Street Primary School has positioned itself very well to meet the needs of our students both now and into the future

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