The Arts

We want students to develop their creative and expressive capacities by learning about the different practices, disciplines and traditions that have shaped the expression of culture locally, nationally and globally.

Our Arts program develops students self confidence, enjoyment and understanding of The Arts by encouraging them to explore and interpret personal experiences, foster imagination and creativity, develop manipulative skills, explore and experiment with a wide variety of materials, apply art elements, processes and techniques, develop looking, thinking and technical skills, develop social interaction skills with their peers and be able to analyse their own art works and those of others, including works from past and present contexts.

Bourchier Street has a large, bright and well resourced Art Room with a ceramic kiln and is adjacent to a small court yard which is used for outdoor art activities.
Students participate in visual arts activities for an hour per week and are organised into work activity groups to enable teacher directed learning in small groups.

Through Performing Arts activities students gain valuable intellectual, imaginative and expressive qualities. They learn about the cultural, social and historical background of Performing Arts and develop their understanding and enjoyment of music. Self-esteem and confidence are greatly enhanced whilst the students are having so much fun. The Performing Arts Program at Bourchier St. P.S covers the disciplines of Dance, Drama and Music.

​A wide variety of activities are focused around plays, dress-ups, singing, percussion, instruments, puppetry, folk dancing, creative dance, movement and simple music notation and concepts.

We have had lots of music education happening in recent years. We have been a part of the National Music program, the Song room and we eveen have our own rock band! 

We also have connections with local tutors for students who would like to pursue music education further. 


At Bourchier we love to dance! Our Physical Education program inciporates dance and we have many teachers on staff who love have a boogie as well! 

The Arts Articles

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Our Year sixes have been learning all about countries around the world. So far their investigations have led to discoveries about what it is liek to live in contries such as Russia, Germany, and North Korea. Quite often these places are very different in many ways to...

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